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A detailed health history and current symptoms are discussed depending on your health concerns followed by an initial treatment. Treatment may involve a combination of acupuncture, cupping therapy, massage, herbal formula prescription, dietary, and or lifestyle consulting. Please ensure you have eaten before your appointment.

Pediatric Treatment

For ages 18 and younger. Treatment does not need to involve needles; I can instead utilize acupressure and massage techniques, cupping therapy, dietary therapy, ear press seeds, moxibustion, herbal medicine (there are medicines made specifically for children that taste better!), and lifestyle changes. Depending on their comfort level, I may be able to needle one area or point on the body.

Labour Prep

Labour preparation can be booked starting at week 36 of pregnancy, once per week until your due date. Labour prep aims to help ripen the cervix, improve the outcomes for a vaginal birth, calm the mind in preparation for labour and help with any symptoms that may show up in the third trimester such as sciatica, low back pain, preeclampsia, swelling, etc.

If you are not an existing client, please book your first labour prep appointment as an Initial Labour Prep.

Face Reading

Face Reading & Diagnosis Session (60 min.) $150
More info coming soon!

E-Visit / Consultations

Online consultation for new clients (audio and video required). A detailed health history and current symptoms are discussed and assessed depending on your health concerns. I am qualified in Facial diagnosis and can evaluate health concerns from signs on the face and give recommendations for optimal emotional and physical health. Photos will need to be emailed prior to the consultation date. Treatment may include a herbal prescription, self-acupressure points, and or diet and lifestyle health advice diagnosed and tailored for your specific condition and constitution.

Meet & Greet Q&A

15 minutes / no charge

Would you like to meet with me before scheduling an appointment? I’d love to answer your questions and have a chat, either online or by phone. Please fill out the contact me form or call to book this consultation at 250-590-4197.

(*) All services are exempt from GST and PST